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Series 7

All Series 7 products are hand cast from a food safe aluminum alloy and feature our high-quality non-stick coating Titanium Durit Resist. The stress-free hand casting process produces an extremely robust semi-finished body which, thanks to optimum characteristics along with thermal conductivity and even heat distribution, guarantees unique cooking pleasure while at the same time maximising energy savings. Moreover, the high-quality non-stick surface coating allows you to prepare healthy, low fat dishes as part of a modern, healthy diet. Series 7 products are suitable for all hob cooker types, including induction hobs.

The induction series: proven quality in induction-capable design

The 10 mm thick, micro-milled Induction bases ensure perfect and even heat distribution of your SERIES 7 cookware. These bases never will warp in their lifetime.
The extraordinary energy efficiency of the bases saves your money.


Our Series 7 is featured with the innovative
Professional – S – coating system. This is a three coat system based on an innovative multi-polymer combination. It convinces with an extremely long life non-stick effect. It is particularly suitable for gentle cooking. This system is featured with excellent abrasion resistance and extraordinary long-lasting non-stick effect, developed for professional use.

Cooking in a healthy way and low in calories? No problem, as only a minimum of oil, fat or butter is required for our products.

All handles and knobs are ergonomically designed
and guarantee safe handling in your kitchen.
Of course, all attachment parts are oven-proof
up to 260°C.


Products of Series 7

  • SERIES 7 – Cooking pot with glass lid, high version, INDUCTION

  • SERIES 7 – Cooking pot with glass lid, INDUCTION

    79,75 113,36 
  • SERIES 7 – Crepe pan, INDUCTION

    58,74 67,14 
  • SERIES 7 – Fish frying pan, INDUCTION

  • SERIES 7 – Fish pan, INDUCTION

    83,95 85,63 
  • SERIES 7 – Frying pan, INDUCTION

    60,42 78,91 
  • SERIES 7 – Frypan, tripartite, INDUCTION

    75,55 77,23 
  • SERIES 7 – Grill – paella pan, INDUCTION

  • SERIES 7 – Grill pan, round, INDUCTION

    75,55 77,23 
  • SERIES 7 – Grill plate, half smooth, half grill, INDUCTION

  • SERIES 7 – Grill plate, smooth, INDUCTION

  • SERIES 7 – Milkpot, INDUCTION

    64,62 66,30