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The company was founded in 1985 by Dieter Schnitzler and now looks back on more than 30 years of tradition. Since its inception, the company has been located in Viersen – Boeheim, a small town about 80 km north of Cologne, on the Niederrhein. 


In the company history, SKK has only one goal: to produce the highest quality cooking utensils to ensure you enjoy cooking and excellent cooking results. Our goal has been to provide an easy-to-use, professional tool for everyday use in your kitchen to make your cooking experience simple and refreshing. In addition, we want to awaken your senses and enable you to prepare great food in your own kitchen.


SKK is one of the leading manufacturers of hand-cast cooking utensils worldwide. Numerous craft traditions are still uses in production and many production steps are still being carried out by hand in the production process, but combined with modern high-tech processes.We demand state-of-the-art technology to develop products that meet the contemporary lifestyle. A balanced and extensive product range meets every culinary desire in the modern kitchen. Since a few years, SKK has been offering inductive products that meet modern cooking requirements. In the past 3 years, our products range has been continuously expanded and new series have been presented.


About 80 percent of the production is delivered to export markets. In the global market SKK represents a premium brand and our customers are convinced of our quality products, Made in Germany. SKK products meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee trust and satisfaction for our customers as well as for our partners who work with SKK.